Class Info and Fees

Atlanta’s Traditional Okinawan Karate-do Dojo is devoted to excellence in martial arts training. Our goal is to provide the highest level of instruction in traditional Karate-do and other martial arts.

Training at the dojo provides both physical and mental development which leads to the balanced growth of the students’ bodies and minds. This training also enriches the students’ lives by giving them an understanding of certain martial values and virtues.

Our purpose is to introduce students to a comprehensive program which incorporates the techniques and principles of traditional Karate-do and other martial arts in a noncompetitive group environment. The emphasis is on self-development and cooperation rather than on competition.

Each class starts with all students participating in foundational drills.  Students are then divided by rank into smaller groups to work on material for their level with an instructor or senior student.  This format allows students to receive more personalized instruction and to advance in their training.

Mark Moeller Sensei established Atlanta’s Traditional Okinawan Karate-do Dojo in 1987 to give its students an opportunity to learn and experience martial arts in a structured progression. Training and instruction are offered in both Okinawan Shorin Ryu and Shudokan Karate-do.  Advanced students also learn Kobudo (traditional weapons), Hung Gar Kung Fu, and Aikido.  Moeller Sensei also incorporates principles and drills from over 20 years of training in Yang-style T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Information about our lineage can be found here.

In addition to being the Head Instructor, Moeller Sensei is the author of Karate-do Foundations (first edition 1995; second edition 2011).  This book contains over 350 pictures and detailed descriptions of individual and two-person drills.  It also includes instructions on how to maximize the benefits from Karate-do training and biographies of Moeller Sensei’s teachers.

The dojo offers classes for adults and for kids age 6 and above.

Moeller Sensei teaches karate because he loves the martial arts and believes everyone can benefit from training.  He has always offered his classes at affordable rates.  In 30 years, he has never increased the class fees.  The fees are still $90 for 3 months of unlimited classes for both adults and kids.  There are no contracts and no fees for testing.  Prospective students are also welcome to try some classes before signing up.