Getting Started

karate Atlanta
Opening ceremony at the 25th anniversary seminar with guest instructor Shihan Jay Sandweiss

Here are a few things to know before coming to class:

You are welcome to try a few classes for free to see if you like them.  Once you decide to join, you can click here to register for classes online.

You don’t have to wear a uniform to your first class.  Just wear comfortable workout clothes.  Please remove all jewelry and be ready to practice barefoot.  Once you’ve decided you like our classes, you can purchase a uniform at the Dojo for $25 from any of the instructors.

Each class begins and ends with a traditional Opening Ceremony.  Students line up by rank with the most senior person at the far right.  We will explain the Opening Ceremony at your first class.

There are a few etiquette rules to follow.  These are standard in most dojos, and if you have practiced martial arts before, you are probably already familiar with them.  Moeller Sensei strives to cultivate an atmosphere of congeniality and respect, where all students feel safe and comfortable.

  1. Respect your training partner.  
  2. It is considered impolite to ask for new material or promotions.  You will be given both when the instructors determine you are ready.
  3. If you are late to class, you must kneel and bow at the edge of the training area and wait for the instructor to ask you to join class.  You then bow to show respect for the instructor, and join the class at the far left.  (You will be shown how to bow properly when you come to the Dojo).
  4. Please wait until the instructor has directed you to take water breaks.
  5. When a person of a higher rank asks you to do something, please do it promptly.  These instructions could include helping with a demonstration of a technique or putting away equipment after class.
  6.  It is the responsibility of the lower ranking students to clean up after class.  Sometimes training equipment is used during class, and it is considered impolite to leave it for the instructors to put away after class.

Counting is done in Japanese.

1. Ich
2. Ni
3. San
4. Shi
5. Go
6. Rhok
7. Shich
8. Hach
9. Ku
10. Ju
11. Ju-Ich
12. Ju-Ni

20. Ni-Ju
21. Ni-Ju-Ich

30. San-Ju
31. San-Ju-Ich

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us today!